Monday, February 20, 2012


I love when at the last minute we decide to take a mini-vacay. My girls were out of school on Friday and Monday so on Thursday around noon we decided to take a short trip to Branson, MO.

I had high hopes that our little one would sleep on the way there. No such luck!

My mom's best friend owns a vacation home there and allows us to use it when it's not in use from time-to-time. It's gorgeous. It's nicer than my non-vacation home. Just look at the view from the balcony...
My mom and aunt, along with my husband's sister, her husband and son, went along as well. We had plenty of room with five bedrooms. We didn't really have plans to do anything but relax and play games.  But, my mom and aunt ended up taking the kids to the Titanic Museum on Saturday morning. 

My little techies sitting on the balcony playing games. 

Saturday afternoon we spent shopping at Tanger Outlet Mall in Branson. Even during the off-season of Branson shows, it was still very crowded at the outlet mall. Have I mentioned how much I hate crowds?! Camryn and her daddy found ways to have fun shopping.

And, you can't go to Branson without visiting Branson Landing either during the day or for some night life fun.

But, more than anything, we enjoyed just hanging out visiting and playing games. And, Mimi had fun playing with Courtney's hair.

By Saturday evening we had one very worn out little girl...

Sunday morning we got up and cleaned the house back to the way we found it and then headed out to the old main street area of Branson to look through the shops. There are several flea markets and a Five and Dime store. In some of the booths at the flea market there were antique dolls. Those dolls freaked Camryn out. They looked a little like these (picture from The Doll Showcase)...

I can't say that I blamed her. They do look a little like they might wink or say something when you walk bye. However, that didn't keep us from teasing Camryn. Here is a picture of her daddy trying his best to scare her. Ha! 

So what have I been doing today after getting back home?!  Unpacking and putting all this away.

It's was worth it though. I love getting the chance to get away with my precious family. 

Be sure to check The RHOK tomorrow when I share about an upcoming Instagram Meetup. I'll also be sharing some of my favorite photo editing apps. 


Impulsive Addict said...

How fun! It's been YEARS since I've been to Branson. M and I should take a trip up there. He's never been before.

Your girls are so pretty!

ShaRhonda @ The 4- Crow's said...

I'm w IA it's been years and I want to go...